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Learning with Apple


Hybrid sessions each Wednesday and Thursday,  11 a.m. at Lyman Beecher Brooks Library, Rom 1040 or via Zoom.
(LBB 1040 or Zoom)


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February 7 & 8 - What’s new in iPadOS 17?  


Description: Updated your iPad to the latest version and wondering what’s new for teaching, learning and productivity? Together, we’ll explore the latest features for your iPad, such as customizable lock screens, Freeform updates, stickers, a Health app for iPad, Safari profiles, Notes updates, and more!


February 14 & 15 - Concept Mapping w/Freeform 

(iPad, Mac, iPhone)

Description: Looking for a built-in solution to create mind maps and concept maps? Freeform’s latest version has you covered! Let’s collaborate in real-time in Freeform using any Apple product!


February 21 & 22 - Interactive Lectures & Tutorials w/Live Video 

(iPad & Mac)

Description: Learn the basics of picture-in-picture capture via Keynote with your iPad or MacBook to create on-demand lessons, tutorials, etc.


February 28 & 29 — Animating Concepts w/Magic Move in Keynote (iPad, Mac & iPhone)

Description: Learn the basics of Magic Move in Keynote (slide presentations) with your iPad or MacBook to animations and smooth transitions. Existing PPT presentations can also be imported and animated

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